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tractor mounted drilling rigs

Tractor Mounted Solar Pole Drilling machine

Industry, we offer tractor mounted water well drilling rigs from India. Solar Panel Drilling Rig are mounted on a self propelling truck or a tractor that makes it very easier for the single operator to easily move these machineries to different site locations.

Mud Rotary Drilling Accessories

Piling Rig And Mud Rotary Drilling Accessories

Supplier of Wide range of Piling rig accessories, Mud rotary drilling accessories, drill rig collar, soil investigation drilling rig, Auger piling rig, tractor mounted dRilling rig, & core drilling rig in well drilling rig. Mud rotary drilling is an open hole, fluid based recirculatory method of drilling and tractor mounted drilling rig.

Mounted Drilling Rig

Leading Mounted Drilling Rig

Offering a complete choice of products which include dth-200 mounted drilling rig, truck , trolley mounted rigs (water/core/mining/ piling), crawler drilling tractor mounted rig. The quality analysts precisely check the Truck Mounted Drillings Rigs on efficiency and working parameters to provide a defect free range to the clients at reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mud rotary drilling is an open hole, fluid based recirculatory method of drilling. The bore hole is advanced in rock and/or sediments by rapid rotation of a drill bit mounted at the end of drill rods. Not effective in consolidated rock, cobbles or gravels where mud circulation is difficult.

Drilling DepthUp to 130 feet (40 meters)
Air Compressor600 cfm/200 psi
Pull Up Force4000 kgf
Drill Rod Handling10 feet (3.0 meter)
Drilling Diameter4.5inch (114mm) – 6.0 inch (152 mm)
  1. Mechanical Boom
  2. Self wet Drilling
  3. Tractor Hydraulic/ Three Point Lifting
  4. Two Boom System
  1. Capable of drilling in soft soil.
  2. Boom Length is manual / Labor Operated
  3. Drilling requires extra pressure for penetration and that pressure is created by self wet of the machine. Around 500 to 600 kg pressure is put up thru machine self wet.
  4. This machine uses tractor three point linkages and tractor hydraulic for lifting.
  5. Capable of erection of Pole Upto 9 Mtr, (Optional Three Boom system also available at the cost of 15000 Rs Extra/-)