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Core Drilling Accessories

Core Drilling Accessories

We are a leading Manufacturer of core drill accessories, and core drilling accessories from Mumbai, India. The Riggersmart provides the core drilling accessories which are powerful and portable machines. The core drills are widely used for many applications.dx

Frequently Asked Questions

Core drilling is the process of drilling below the earth’s surface to obtain a core of soil or rock sample in order to determine its properties. A core drill, which is cylindrical and hollow and made of metal with diamond or carbide coated drill tips is used for the purpose.

In the construction industry, core drills are used for things like the creation of passageways for plumbing and drainage pipes, space for electrical wiring including phone and cable lines, the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, road cores, manholes, strength test holes and much more.

The drill will extract a portion of the gathered material that gets cut so that it can be further analyzed. After a careful analysis of the substance, it can be made easier to establish goals for any future projects.

The core-drilling method (CDM) is a technique for measuring in-situ stress in concrete structures. A small hole is drilled into the structure, and the deformations in the vicinity of the hole are measured and related via elasticity theory to the stress.