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Riggersmart offers best borewell air compressors to suit your drilling requirements. Leading dealers, suppliers & exporters of Air Compressors for borewell and industrial applications. Our company offers high-grade equipment coupled with international quality standards at the best prices from various brands like


Atlas Copco


Frequently Asked Questions

Air compressors have many uses, including: supplying high-pressure clean air to fill gas cylinders, supplying moderate-pressure clean air to a submerged surface supplied diver, supplying moderate-pressure clean air for driving some office and school building pneumatic HVAC control system valves, supplying a large.

The three most common air compressors are the reciprocating, rotary screw and centrifugal. Reciprocating air compressors are considered positive displacement machines, which means they increase the pressure of the air by reducing its volume.

Best borewell compressor for your borewell machine is based on the budget and the application. Based on the applications, the capacity of the air compressor is decided in CFM (Cubic Feet per Meter)

A Borewell air compressor pump works by forcing compressed air into bore through a pipe. The compressed air and water mix together resulting in a mixture that is less dense than the surrounding water and therefore flows upward through the pipe.





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